Quadient Inspire and Scalar Developer



Job description:

  • Performs design and development of applications on complex projects utilizing both packaged software applications (Quadient Inspire) and custom-built applications
  • Use of Complex data types (XML, multi-line variable data record formats)
  • Program, test and troubleshoot workflows
  • Set up master workflows to support Document Template design using Inspire Interactive
  • Define document blocks. Compose Document Templates using Inspire Interactive
  • Define Scalar workflows for automatic processing of input data files
  • Expose Inspire Designer template workflows and/or Inspire Interactive Document Templates as REST services, to enable clients trigger these communications in real time
  • Define OmniChannel outputs
  • Generate emails in HTML or plain text
  • Generate SMS
  • Proactively identify opportunities to improve process
  • Assist in resolving internal/external inquiries related to input/output requirements, intended usage, strategic planning, and alignment of these elements to internal checks, controls, and quality assurance
  • Participate in team efforts to standardize process
  • Participate in special projects and project management duties as needed
  • Contribute to the upkeep and consistency of internal documentation related to issues, resolutions, usage topics, and training


Job requirements:

  • Communications Composition Experience
  • Quadient Inspire Designer
  • Quadient Inspire Interactive
  • Quadient ICM
  • Quadient Scalar
  • Quadient Inspire Scripting
  • Quadient Inspire real time
  • Manipulate data from various sources / formats e.g. flat files, relational databases, non-relational databases, XML, JSON, etc.
  • Setting framework to enable end business users to maintain the content
  • Quadient Omni Channel Communication experience
  • Managing and Performance tuning of Scalar and Production Servers
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